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With Transcriptive.com, you don’t need a video editing app to get transcripts and captions. Just a web browser- upload and transcribe! You can use the most accurate Artificial Intelligence algorithm available or have it transcribed by a native language transcriptionist. Share and edit the transcript by collaborating with co-workers or your video production team. Once done, save out as captions, text files or other format.




The real power of Transcriptive.com comes from collaborating with your team, clients or video editor via a web browser. Simply send a transcript or video file from Premiere to Transcriptive.com for a producer, client, or assistant to edit or make a paper cut. Multiple Transcriptive.com users can edit the document making collaboration easy. Once edited, the transcript can be sent back to the video editor in Premiere to continue working with Transcriptive and PowerSearch.


If you’re searching for a soundbite, Transcriptive.com can easily search through transcripts no matter how long they are. It’s a powerful tool if you’ve got many hours of video and don’t want to scrub or read through it all. It gives you the ability to quickly find where your talent said something.

Once you have all your footage transcribed, Transcriptive.com opens up new ways of working. Search is just one aspect that most people don’t think about. It makes finding dialog as easy as doing a Google search.

Get Accurate Transcripts in Minutes for Pennies

Pressed on time? Transcribe 60 minutes of video in 10 minutes (most transcripts are processed 4-6x faster than real time). It’s easy, fast and economical. Transcription starts at $4.80/hour. Email us about volume discounts!

There are two great choices when it comes to having your speech converted to text. You can use the Transcriptive-A.I. service, which is the most accurate service (up to 98%) with punctuation and improved speaker identification or Speechmatics. Both services are priced at $0.08/min. You can also purchase prepaid minutes and reduce the costs to 04/min.

Need more info about the Transcriptive services? Email us or call us at 415-287-6069.

Edit & Share with a Web Browser

You have the same functionality on Transcriptive.com as you do in Premiere Pro. View the video as you edit the transcript, change speakers, make notes and much more in any browser. Export the transcript to different caption and text formats or send it to another user on Transcriptive.com or in Premiere Pro.


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